SDI Workshop

SDI Workshop

Build a stronger sales team by understanding each member’s strengths and motivations

When you sell as a team, it’s vital to understand your teammates. What drives their behavior? Why do they react that way when faced with conflict? How can we work better together, in a way that works for all of us?

Prior to the workshop, each participant takes two assessments – the MVS (Motivational Value System) and the Conflict Sequence. Each person gets their own personalized report. Individual results are plotted on a group chart for discussion at the workshop. The group then discusses:

  • What are other people’s communication preferences
  • Why it’s important to respect other people’s preferences – and to communicate your own
  • How to recognize when someone is in conflict
  • How to avoid conflict escalation
  • What drives people to deliver better results

Total SDI Assessment Tool

At a Glance

  • AUDIENCE: Sales teams
  • PREPARATION: All participants must submit assessments in advance of the workshop
  • FORMAT: One 4-hour workshop, in-person or online

Program Outline

Collaborate and communicate more effectively

As a sales leader, you know your team does better when they like and respect each other. Get personal differences out of the way by showing why people behave differently – and how that can be a good thing. Clients see results like:

  • Improved team morale
  • New respect and leverage of other’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Individuals motivated to develop their career and improve their relationships
  • Clear expectations set
  • Understanding how to motivate individual team members to improve performance