Great Demos sales training

Great Demo! Program Description

Learn how to deliver exceptional software demonstrations

As a Great Demo! Certified trainer, we help sales reps and solution executives demo differently. By beginning with the end result, and then showing the process, your prospect has a clear vision of how your software will help them accomplish their business goals.

Client results include:

  • Sustained gains of 10% or more in improved close rates overall
  • Shorter sales cycle length – by 50%
  • Demo win-rate increases of 25-75
  • Improved forecast clarity and predictability
  • Ongoing cost-of-sales reduction by 25%
  • Free evaluations and POC’s transformed into paid events
  • Increased deal size and breadth by 2x

At a Glance

  • AUDIENCE: Sales executives and pre-sales engineers who demonstrate software
  • CLASS SIZE: Up to 12 participants
  • FORMAT: Highly interactive and participatory in-person workshop, including role-play exercises.
    Can be customized to the needs of your participants, around a specific topic or skill.
  • DELIVERY: Available as a 1 or 2 day workshop

Program Objectives

Participants will learn to deliver highly impactful software demonstrations.

The key objectives of this program are to learn:

  • How to smoothly switch between talking, demonstrating and whiteboarding
  • Ways to position yourself in comparison to the competition
  • What makes a demo remarkable and shows your value
  • Techniques for managing questions and soliciting participant engagement