Great Demo! Open Enrollment Virtual Workshop – May 14-16, 2024

Facilitator:                       Art FrommOwner and President of Team Sales Development Inc. (TSD)
Date:                               May 14-16, 2024
Time:                               11:00 AM – 4:30 PM Eastern Time, 3 Parts over 3 Days
Audience:                        SEs (Sales Engineers) and/or AMs (Account Managers). Attend separately or together for SEAMless Sales®.
Workshop Focus:            Create and deliver surprisingly compelling software demonstrations. Learn the “Do The Last Thing First” approach for a great demo.
Target Participants:         SEs, AMs, and sales teams providing B2B solutions. Best suited for 2-3 people from the same company.

Workshop Objectives:
                ◦ Use a framework to create and deliver improved solution presentations.
                ◦ Increase deal size and/or sell additional products/services.
                ◦ Reduce cost of sales by using demos judiciously.
                ◦ Increase existing subscriptions and renewals.
                ◦ Improve demonstration quality and effectiveness.
                ◦ Establish clear objectives for each demo.
                ◦ Improve communication, preparation, and follow-up between SEs and AMs.

Workshop Deliverables:

                ◦ Learn to determine the right content for a demo based on customer needs.
                ◦ Organize content in a logical progression that maps to audience needs.
                ◦ Engage and prove capabilities within the first eight minutes of a demo.
                ◦ Prepare demonstrations using the new method.
                ◦ Manage real-life situations and scenarios.

All registrations must be paid in full, in advance, and are non-refundable unless the workshop is canceled.


Great Demo! Program Description

At a Glance

  • AUDIENCE: Sales executives and pre-sales engineers who demonstrate software
  • CLASS SIZE: Up to 12 participants
  • FORMAT: Highly interactive and participatory in-person workshop, including role-play exercises.
    Can be customized to the needs of your participants, around a specific topic or skill.
  • DELIVERY: Available as virtual workshop (3 parts over 3 days) or 1 to 2-day in-person workshop


Elevate Your Software Demonstrations with our Great Demo! Workshop


Become a master in delivering impactful software demonstrations with our certified Great Demo! program. Tailored for sales executives and pre-sales engineers, our program equips participants with unique strategies to  ”Do the last thing first”, offering your prospects a clear vision of how your software will help them achieve their business objectives. With our proven record of accomplishment, clients have experienced sustained gains of 10% or more in improved close rates, demo win-rate increases of 25-75%, and ongoing cost-of-sales reduction of 25%.


Unleash Your Potential with our Highly Interactive Workshops


Our highly interactive workshops, available as virtual workshops over three days or 1 to 2-day in-person sessions, provide hands-on experience to prepare and present demonstrations with the highest probability of success. We limit our class sizes to 12 participants to ensure personalized attention, and our content can be customized to your specific needs. Participants are trained to determine the right content for a demonstration based on the customer’s business needs, organize the content logically, manage real-life situations, and make their demo remarkable and memorable.


Enhance your software demonstration skills with us, and witness a transformation that leads to shorter sales cycles, increased deal sizes, and improved forecast clarity. Reach out to us today to join our Great Demo! Program and revolutionize the way you demo your software solutions.


Learn how to deliver exceptional software demonstrations

As a Great Demo! Certified Partner, we help sales reps and solution executives demo differently. By beginning with the end result, and then showing the process, your prospect has a clear vision of how your software will help them accomplish their business goals.

Client results include:

  • Sustained gains of 10% or more in improved close rates overall
  • Shorter sales cycle length – by 50%
  • Demo win-rate increases of 25-75
  • Improved forecast clarity and predictability
  • Ongoing cost-of-sales reduction by 25%
  • Free evaluations and POC’s transformed into paid events
  • Increased deal size and breadth by 2x


Program Objectives

Participants will learn to deliver highly impactful software demonstrations.

The key objectives of this program are to:

  • Determine the right content for a demonstration, based on the customer’s business needs and objectives.
  • Organize the content in a novel, logical progression that maps to audience needs and depth of interest – and engage and prove your capabilities within the first six
    minutes of the demonstration.
  • Prepare demonstrations using the new method.
  • Present demonstrations with the highest probability of success in achieving the desired objectives.
  • Manage a range of real-life situations and scenarios.
  • Make your demo remarkable, memorable, and show your value
  • Techniques for managing questions and soliciting participant engagement