Give your team the sales training they need to succeed!

Making effective sales is about more than getting your pitch right. There’s a science and an art to
effective selling, which is why our sales training and development programs are here to change the

We have designed unique sales team workshops and sales coaching sessions to provide businesses and
individuals with the skills they require to upgrade their sales strategy and approach. Our sales coaching
experts work to understand your business model, clientele, and industry before designing a unique
strategy that is tailored to your needs.

We possess the experience, knowledge, and tools to provide a proven sales methodology during our
sales team training, ensuring that your team’s sales skills and knowledge are at par with the latest
standards and that they have what it takes to upgrade their abilities.

Among other things, we facilitated them on how to effectively communicate with potential clients and repeat
customers and encourage behavioral change while appealing to their sensibilities. Our sales coaching
goes far beyond generic modules and methodology; we train your team how to connect with clients in
new ways.

If you’re interested in scheduling sales team training with our sales coaching experts, reach out to us to
get started, and we’ll set up a consultation.

SOS sales training

SOS Opportunity Snapshot

Improve revenue and forecast sales accurately by better qualifying your sales opportunities.

SOS provides a structured, scalable process for qualifying – and WINNING – strategic B2B sales opportunities. Learn how to beat the competition by understanding customer influences and 9 key decision criteria. Methodology is built into the SOS App for Dynamics 365.


great demo sales training

Great Demo!

Learn to deliver exceptional software demonstrations.

Demo differently! By “Doing the last thing first,” and making your demo more “crisp”, your prospect has a clear vision of how your software will help them accomplish their business goals and they’ll more eagerly dig into what you’re showing!


Webinar Mastery Sales Training

Webinar Mastery Skills

Online attendees are easily distracted. Learn techniques to keep them highly engaged and taking action!

Learn to deliver high impact, consistent, engaging, and meaningful presentations via webinar. Use for marketing introductions, sales presentations, user trainings. Many of the lessons also apply to in-person meetings.


customer buying workshop

Customer Buying Process

Align yourself with what, why and how your customers want to buy.

In a complex sale, you frequently have multiple parties influencing the decision, each with their own criteria. Rather than trying to get the buyer to conform to your sales process, in this workshop we step back to consider how we can make our process align to their customer buying patterns and preferences.


Infosec Sales training

InfoSec Awareness

Recognize and address data security concerns in a way your client will value.

Now more than ever, customers want to trust and have confidence in the people they partner with, especially when managing their valuable business data.

financial sales training

Financial Selling

Learn to read the “top line” so you can talk “bottom line” with financial decision makers.

Give your sales team a deeper understanding of the financial implications and considerations of the solutions they sell.

SDI Sales workshop

Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI)

Build a stronger sales team by understanding each member’s strengths and motivations as well as other’s.

When you sell as a team, it’s vital to understand your teammates. What drives their behavior? Why do they react that way when faced with conflict? How can we work better together, in a way that works for all of us? And how can you use this to analyze and better align to your customers?


What Clients Say

Great at probing and keeping everyone engaged – I was honestly skeptical about the process and learning in this environment. TSD really made it work!

Simply one of the BEST overall trainings.  Well delivered.

The lead TSD facilitator Art Fromm is one of the best instructors I’ve had from Harvard to MIT, Kudos.


Unlock the Potential of Your Sales Team with Our Sales Experience

Our workshop will foster the growth of your sales team by delivering sales methodology training
designed to equip your team with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the decision process effectively. This includes how to read profit and loss statements and the implications of critical financial
terms. Your team will learn how to empathize with their prospects and communicate with decision-
makers in a language that resonates.

Enhance Your Sales Collaboration through Consultative Selling

At the heart of our sales workshops is the principle of consultative selling. We believe in strengthening your sales by equipping your team with methods, tools, and a mindset to establish credibility, correctly use financial terminology, make a convincing case for your solution, and empathize with your client’s challenges and goals. This unique approach aids in reducing the total cost of ownership and mitigating risk.

Presales Training and Demo Training: Your Solution to Increased Value Selling

Our presales training and demo workshops, designed by expert solutions consultants, are geared
towards enhancing your team's understanding of solution selling and value selling. These modules are
integral to increasing revenue and improving ROI by equipping your team with the skills to manage sales
opportunities effectively.

Sales Methodology Training: Reducing Cost and Increasing Value

Our training and development for sales teams focus on applying consultative sales principles that not
only boost your sales revenue but also help reduce the cost of sales and increase the value of your team.
We offer SOS management and Strengths Development Inventory tools that guide your sales team for
higher productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Contact us today to discuss your sales needs. Let us take your team through the transformational
journey of consultative sales designed to reshape how your team connects with clients and maximize
sales opportunities.



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