TSD has been in business since 2004, delivering sales training for:

  • Fortune 100 high-tech organizations
  • IT firms
  • Telecoms
  • Manufacturers
  • Software Companies

All these companies have long, complex B2B sales processes – and they all wanted better revenue and better profitability. TSD’s unique sales training programs are fun, engaging and valuable for the participants, management and the organization.

Revenue and profitability are the natural by-products of a well-trained team who adhere to proven sales strategies.

TSD’s SEAMless Sales® tools and training deliver results.


1. Increase revenue

Increase revenue through better technical and business qualification, and aligning solutions to the customer’s business needs.

2. Improve margins

Improve margins by being confident in your value, eliminating obstacles and objections, and reducing the perceived risk of your solution

3. Increase sales effectiveness

Increase sales effectiveness by better qualifying deals, being more strategic about your sales strategy, and increasing collaboration and communication.

4. Improve customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction by providing business value throughout the sale process, resulting in referenceable customers and repeat business



Art Fromm

Art Fromm founded TSD in 2004, after a career in consultative sales training and hands-on sales and sales management expertise.

After starting his career as an engineer, Art soon got involved with software implementation as a customer, then moved into sales and sales management positions. Working as SE and sales executive in enterprise software and information management companies, he routinely surpassed revenue expectations and performance targets. When promoted to sales management, he excelled in sales coaching and training to achieve even better results for the companies he worked for and the teams he lead.

That gave him the idea to start his own sales training company – TSD – Technical Sales Development, soon to become Team Sales Development. The core of Art’s philosophy is that sales teams (SE’s and AM’s) need sales tools and training to work as a cohesive unit. With long sales processes and multiple people involved in any sale (sales, engineering, accounting, etc) the cost of sale can be extraordinarily high. Sales management is responsible for making sure the team wins the opportunities they can – and quickly walks away from the deals they can’t.

Shortly after starting TSD, Art implemented the consultative sales methodology (now known as SOS – Sales Opportunity Snapshot) that increased sales for a key client by over $1 BILLION in the first two years and increased win-rate from 58% to 74%. All these years later, TSD is still regularly providing all of their sales training. 

Given his successful professional sales track record, Art brings real-world applications into the workshop environment, as evidenced by the stellar evaluation scores and comments he routinely receives. His highly interactive facilitation style, and ability to relate to individual participants has become a hallmark of Art’s workshop delivery around the world. Art is a highly sought after sales training facilitator, especially for ESL participants, which require an extra level of facilitation skill to draw out involvement and engagement by the participants.

Art holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, a Project Management Certificate from the University of Alabama, has studied Adult Learning Principals and Training Development through Friesen, Kay, and Associates (FKA), and is a Cisco CSE and BA ICP Certified.