Dynamics SALES Partner?



If you have Dynamics 365 for Sales, and you’d like to:



  • STOP coercing salespeople to update their sales opportunities
  • STOP chasing low-probability, high risk deals.
  • STOP wondering why you’re losing deals.

  • START increasing the win rate of opportunities you pursue
  • START easily winning complex deals, even against tough competition
  • START delivering accurate sales forecasts


You’re in the right place!

We’ve built the SOS proven sales methodology into Dynamics 365.





SOS App for Dynamics 365 for Sales

The SOS App enforces an easy, intuitive and PROVEN sales methodology that will help you increase revenue and lower your cost of sale. By consistently applying 9 qualification criteria, your entire sales team will know exactly:

  • WHICH deals to pursue
  • HOW to effectively compete
  • WHERE we stand / our likelihood of winning the deal

The Sales Opportunity Snapshot (SOS) methodology has been used successfully by B2B sales teams since 2006. Until recently, SOS was only available as a training and Excel spreadsheet tool.   Our sales training clients got so much value – and achieved such great results – BUT they wished SOS was built into a CRM system.

SO we built it – SOS for Dynamics 365!







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Why do you need the SOS App for D365 for Sales?

SOS for D365 – Helps Sales Sell

  1. “The missing link of CRM” – Your sales team will want to love using it.SOS for D365 HelpsSales Teams Win! Since SOS is integrated with D365, sales professionals don’t have to use a separate system and are not just uploading Opportunity information for management use. All the functionality they needed to help them win is built right into SOS for D365, and we will facilitate them on how to use it in our Dynamics 365 sales training. Most CRM systems are built for sales management; this solution is built for SALES TEAMS. The Microsoft Gold Partner who programmed the App said, “This is the MISSING LINK of D365 for Sales Professionals.”
  2. Your sales management will become better coaches and mentors. Sales Management will be able to visualize the status of every Opportunity at a glance, allowing analysis of the Account and the sales professional. SOS for D365 will allow sales management to help newer team members overcome obstacles like building a strategy against a competitor, getting greater executive buy-in, or building a stronger value proposition, and work with seasoned professionals to continue to improve in these areas
  3. You get actionable insight. SOS for D365 leverages the strengths of the SOS Methodology and the power of D365 to provide Sales professionals and Management with unique insights that D365 alone cannot provide.
  4. The SOS App is supported by proper methodology training. Our SOS MethodologyWorkshops take just 8 hours and use real-world opportunities being worked by the participants.
  5. SOS simplifies the complex sale, creating more revenue at a lower cost of sale. You can stop wondering and start knowing which deals are winnable. The SOS Dynamics 365 for sales app provides a guide to implementing this powerful methodology, capturing qualification data at every sales stage. Not only will this information help you win THIS deal, but it also informs decisions on how to WIN (or walk away from) future deals involving the same or similar Accounts. Stakeholders, and Competitors.


Revolutionize Your Sales Strategy with SOS for Dynamics 365


Are you a VP of Sales or a Dynamics Sales Partner seeking to optimize your sales opportunities and
forecasts? If you’re using Dynamics 365 for Sales, we’ve got the perfect solution for you – the SOS App.
This revolutionary tool seamlessly integrates our proven SOS sales methodology into Dynamics 365,
helping you stop pursuing low-probability, high-risk deals and increase your win rate against even the
toughest competition.


Increase Revenue and Lower The Cost of Sales


The SOS App for Dynamics 365 enforces a straightforward, intuitive, and proven sales methodology
designed to boost your revenue and reduce your cost of sales. By consistently applying nine qualification
criteria, your sales team will clearly understand which deals to pursue, how to compete effectively, and
where you stand in the likelihood of winning a deal. Having been successfully used by B2B sales teams
since 2006, the Sales Opportunity Snapshot (SOS) methodology is now conveniently built into a CRM
system, thanks to the SOS for D365 App.


SOS for D365: The Missing Link in Sales


Our SOS for D365 App revolutionizes the way sales teams operate. It’s not just a separate system for
uploading Opportunity information for management use but a comprehensive functionality built into
D365 that helps sales teams win. The SOS app transforms your sales management into better coaches
and mentors and provides actionable insight via its built-in recommendation engine. This, in
combination with our Dynamics 365 sales training, gives you a clear roadmap of what you need to do
next to qualify for the opportunity and advance to the next sales stage.


Simplify the Complex Sale with SOS


The SOS app for Dynamics 365 simplifies the complex sales process, driving more significant revenue at
a lower sale cost. It leads you step-by-step through this robust methodology, capturing qualification
data at every stage. This data not only aids in winning the current deal but also informs decisions on
how to win (or walk away from) future deals involving the same Account and Competitors. Experience
the difference today by trying our SOS for D365 App free trial, and revolutionize your sales strategy.


Empower Your Team with Dynamics 365 for Sales

Our Consultative Sales Portfolio includes the SOS for CRM Apps – the first sales methodology for
Dynamics 365 and soon to be released on SFDC. SOS for CRM is instrumental in improving margins and
revenue. Your team will learn how to leverage SFDC sales and Dynamics 365 for sales, thereby improving
sales team development and management of sales opportunities.