Webinar Mastery Program: Boost Engagement and Drive Action in Your Virtual Presentations

Discover the secrets to transforming your online presentations, demos, and training sessions with our Webinar Mastery Program.

Designed for sales professionals, trainers, and consultants, this comprehensive program facilitates your ability to captivate your participants, maximize their engagement, and drive them to take action.

Key topics covered include:

  • Adjusting your approach for virtual delivery vs. face-to-face meetings
  • Powerful techniques to start the meeting off strong
  • Keeping attendees awake, interested, and engaged with proven strategies
  • Utilizing advanced tools like breakout meetings, annotations, chat, and polls
  • Essential pre-, during, and post-session actions to showcase your professionalism

At a Glance

  • PARTICIPANTS: anyone who delivers presentations, demos, and delivers training virtually
  • CLASS SIZE: Up to 12 for virtual presentations and demos, 4-8 participants for virtual instructor-led training (vILT) mastery
  • FORMAT: Highly interactive and participatory
  • DELIVERY: From 90 minutes to 3 hour sessions (with an additional 3 hours of ‘facilitation practice’ for vILT mastery) depending on needs. Includes hands-on experience running a live webinar.

Program Objectives

Participants will learn to deliver highly impactful presentations.

The key objectives of this program are to:

  • Ensure that participants understand the key differences between and significance of virtual versus in-person delivery.
  • Overcome the challenges and potential shortcomings of the virtual delivery environment.
  • Provide a range of techniques to effectively engage the participants for maximum participation & uptake.
  • Understand what are “best practices” before, during, and after the virtual session.


Maximize Your Sales and Training Impact with Our Webinar Mastery Program

In this era of remote work and virtual meetings, mastering the art of online presentations has become essential for B2B sales, sales enablement, and sales training. Our Webinar Mastery Program is designed to address the unique challenges faced by sales engineers, systems engineers, sales consultants, solutions engineers, application engineers, and presales professionals in delivering high-impact virtual presentations.

Unlock the Power of Virtual Presentations and Drive Revenue Growth

Our program focuses on facilitating the key differences between in-person and virtual presentations and how to overcome the challenges of the virtual environment. Learn to leverage advanced tools like breakout meetings, annotations, chat, and polls to keep your participants engaged and interested. From consultative selling to solution selling, value selling, and sales development, our Webinar Mastery Program equips you with the skills to optimize your presentations and drive sales opportunities.

Optimized Sales Training and Demo Delivery for Your Sales Team

Our highly interactive and participatory program covers essential topics such as starting the meeting
strong, keeping attendees engaged, and looking like a true professional throughout the session. We also
provide insights into the best practices for before, during, and after the virtual session. Our program is
suitable for anyone involved in sales coaching, solutions consulting, Dynamics 365 for sales, sales
development services, sales team training, sales collaboration, and sales methodology training.

Invest in Your Sales Team Development with Our Webinar Mastery Program

Available in formats ranging from 90-minute to 3-hour sessions, our Webinar Mastery Program is tailored to your specific needs. With hands-on experience running a live webinar, we ensure that your sales team gains the skills needed to excel in the virtual world. Whether you’re looking for demo training, presales training, sales training development, or training and development for your sales team, our Webinar Mastery Program offers unparalleled value for your investment.

Enroll today in our Webinar Mastery Program and empower your sales team to drive revenue growth, enhance sales performance, and optimize sales opportunities management. Experience the difference that expertly crafted, engaging virtual presentations can make in your sales and training efforts.

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