SOS Sales Opportunity Management Training



SOS – Sales Opportunity Snapshot – Methodology and Tool

Improve revenue and forecast sales accurately by better qualifying your sales opportunities through the Sales Opportunity Snapshot (SOS) Methodology and Tools including stand-alone Excel, or integrated D365 or SFDC versions.

Your sales team will learn to:

  • Lower the cost of sale by firmly deciding whether to continue the pursuit of an opportunity
  • Win more profitable business
  • Increase efficiency of the sales process
  • Improve sales forecast accuracy

We’ll teach them the efficient use and application of SOS management as a methodology and the ins and outs of this process. Sales Opportunities Snapshot Management, or SOS  Management for short, is one of the easiest yet most comprehensive methods for Opportunity Qualification, Competitive Strategy, Value Prop, Action Items, and Influence Mapping of the Decision Process, most reliable, widely-trusted, and highly scalable approaches that which helps sales professionals recognize and analyze opportunities more quickly and effectively and decide a strategy to win or decide to exit.

SOS Management will help them sales professionals sell and allows them to help their Clients buy.   gauge whether or not a sale is a win or a loss and make decisions based on those estimates. Is it truly worth pursuing a client who is currently not interested, or are there better opportunities that are worth focusing on? 

Take advantage of the power of Sales Opportunities Snapshot Methodology and Tools Management through proper training and education, and improve outcomes for your business. Contact us to learn more about our services, and we’ll help you.


SOS Helps Sales Sell

Also available as a Dynamics 365 App “SOS for D365”


At a Glance

  • AUDIENCE: VPs of Sales, Account Executives, Solution Engineers, and Account Managers
  • COMPANIES: Business-to-business sales with long sales cycles, tough competition and multiple decision-makers
  • FORMAT: 8 Hours – Virtual or in person workshop


Program Objectives



Participants will learn to how to win more deals, increase revenue and profit, and optimize sales motions.

SOS provides a structured, scalable process for Qualifying and WINNING strategic B2B sales opportunities. Learn how to beat the competition by understanding customer influences and decision criteria in 5 key areas:



1. Rigorously Qualify the Opportunity

Get a Snapshot assessment of all 9 key criteria to determine if you should pursue or disengage in the deal.

2. Align with the Political Landscape

Use the Influence Map to understand the buyer’s formal and informal power structure, so you can engage with the right executives and stakeholders.

3. Establish a Competitive Sales Strategy

Know your strengths and weaknesses compared to your competitors. Based on what’s worked in the past, plot the strategies that will accelerate the deal.

4. Develop a Strong Value Proposition

Align with their business and political priorities to create value for the client.

5. Plan Your Next Steps

Know exactly what action to take next. SOS guides your team through each decision point.