financial selling sales training

Financial selling sales training

Learn to talk “bottom line” with decision makers.

Your sales team will learn to:

  • Have better awareness of how corporate decisions impact business performance
  • Read a profit and loss statement
  • Understand financial terms such as equity, assets, and debt ratio (and why they’re so important!)
  • Empathize with their prospects

At a Glance

  • AUDIENCE: VPs of Sales, Account Executives, Solution Engineers, and Account Managers
  • COMPANIES: Companies who sell big-ticket items to the C-suite (CEO, CFO, CTO, CIO, CMO, etc.)
  • FORMAT: 2-Day in person business simulation training

Program Objectives

Give your sales team a deeper understanding of the financial implications and considerations in a corporate environment.

Linear-thinking executives want to make decisions on sound data to minimize risk of project failure. Financial Selling show you how to win the business by teaching your team how to:

  • Establish credibility by speaking to their needs and concerns
  • Use financial terminology correctly
  • Make a convincing case that your solution will solve their problem
  • Empathize and respect the daily challenges they face