SOS for D365 FAQs

FAQs about the SOS for D365 App

1. Can I work with my current Dynamics 365 for Sales Partner?

YES! We don’t sell Dynamics 365 ourselves. The SOS for D365 App is available directly from us for use in your existing D365 environment.

2. Do all my Dynamics 365 for Sales users have to also be SOS licensed users?

NO. You can implement the D365 for SOS app for a certain number of users.

3. Does SOS have different role settings?

YES. Roles are inherited from D365 security settings and additionally you can have full author or read-only access to the SOS functionality so you can include the entire sales team.

4. What’s included in the free trial?

You get the Sales Opportunity Snapshot FREE for 14 days, which includes a brief introduction and an SOS App user guide. It is recommended to install on a development / test server if you prefer not to use live data.

5. After the trial, how much does the SOS app cost?

The SOS investment quickly pays for itself. You only pay per sales users, and you do NOT need licenses for all of D365 users.


Any questions, please contact us!