SOS for D365 Partner Program

Microsoft D365 SALES Partners

SOS for D365 can help you increase revenue, customer success, and renewals

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve devoted hours and hours gathering requirements, configuring software and implementing Dynamics 365 sales processes. BUT your customer’s CRM project isn’t getting the results you know they could get because…

  • Sales people aren’t using the software consistently (low user adoption)
  • When sales people enter information, the information is incomplete (unreliable data)
  • So sales managers can’t coach their team on what to do better or differently (not enough actionable insight)
  • Then the Dynamics 365 project performance doesn’t meet expectations (unhappy customer)

SOS for D365 Delivers Sales Success!

SOS for D365 helps your customers gain new clients, lower sales costs, and improve profitability because it is:

  • Built into the systems sales reps already use, making it easy to capture client / prospect information
  • Helping salespeople sell more efficiently.
  • Specifically designed for sales teams to better collaborate and communicate through long, complex deals
  • Giving everyone a common sales language and criteria for opportunity evaluation

When your Dynamics 365 customers get results, you get happier customers. You get more business.

Become an SOS for D365 Partner!

For a limited time, we are offering new partners an opportunity to jump on board without any upfront costs. In exchange for your feedback, we’ll provide you with a 60-day fast-track plan, during which time you’ll receive:

  • FREE SOS Methodology sales training for 2 people
  • FREE use of the SOS for D365 software
  • FREE coaching and guidance
  • Analysis of your sales performance in relation to the effectiveness of the training and software