Dynamics 365 for Sales Missing Link

The Missing Link in D365 Sales

D365 for Sales / CRM User Group Webinar – Oct 22, 2019 9AM ET Sales Reps missing quota… Sales Managers struggling to get accurate and up to date CRM data… D365 Implementation Partners or Sales Enablement Team struggling with user adoption… Does this sound like you? Come and see how a consultative sales training provider…


old sales approach

Managing Sales Opportunities

A SALES METHODOLOGY WITH LESS PAPERWORK On Demand Webinar Recording with Stephen J Bistritz, Ed.D & Art Fromm As a sales leader, you rely on your forecast data to be accurate. As a salesperson you feel providing sales data doesn’t help you sell, and is extra “paperwork.”  So the forecast data is typically incomplete, inaccurate,…


CloudFronts SOS application

Building the SOS App for D365

Working with CloudFronts Many thanks to Cloudfronts for their assistance in programming and supporting the SOS App for D365. Success with the SOS Sales training methodology had been well documented. Building it into D365 for Sales makes it even easier for sales teams to collaborate and communicate during the sales process. Cloudfronts continues to be…